Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Thoughts and prayers are with you Turkey

Our thoughts are with all of those suffering in Van, Turkey. This was a intense blow to the country of Turkey but they are very strong people and they will overcome this yet as another obstacle that makes them even stronger. The country experienced similar but much more deadly Earthquake on October 17th, 1999, east of Istanbul killing 17,000 people. That quake also caused a deadly Tsunami in the Sea of Marmara. Flooding was so bad in the bay that water had reached the second floor of apartment buildings near shore and and caused millions of dollars in damage.

The country Turkey is a founding memmber of the United Nations and joined NATO in 1952. In Turkey there is no official state religion though the majority of the population is islamic. There are other religions in the area such as Catholics and Jewish citizens as well as because the Turkey's constitution offers the freedom to express your own religious beliefs.

The population as of 2010 was 73 million so it is a very dense population. The majority of the population (67%) are between the ages of 15-64 making it a rather young nation also. I am sorry for turning this into a history lesson but I just thought everyone should know a little about the people of Turkey, it is a beautiful and friendly country with tremendous citizens. Immediately following the Catastrophe in Japan last March The citizens of Turkey made huge efforts helping them with the clean-up and recovery effort and I am sure that is being reciprocated.

On behalf the staff here at Phones 4 Charity our thoughts and prayers are with all of you in Van, Turkey.  May this turnaround and recovery be swift and broad. We can be found on the web at To raise money for the charity of your choice all you have to do is reach out to phones 4 charity and we will assist you in organizing a phone drive. Thanks for tuning in, make it a great day.


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