Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is My Old Cell Phone Worth?

Technology is changing the way we use cell phones. It is also causing people to change their cell phones every 18 months. This means that there are many old cell phones lying around in people's drawers taking up space. If people have thrown out these phones, they have contributed to adding harmful chemicals to the Earth's surface. Lead and mercury are a few of the toxic chemicals found in cell phones that could damage the environment if thrown out inappropriately. If you are one of those people who have a few cell phones lying around, then you should be a good citizen and donate them to charity.

Some people would like to sell them and earn money, but they are not going to get back the same amount they paid. Why would someone want to sell their phone for a few dollars when they can make a difference in the world instead? There are hundreds of organizations that collect working and nonworking cell phones to donate to people who are in need of them. You are sure to find one of them in your area.

Phones 4 Charity is an organization that collects used cell phones, recycles them and donates the proceeds to one of their affiliated charities. AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Feed the Children, National Wildlife Federation, Give 2 The Troops and CORA, an organization for battered women and children, are some of the organizations that Phones 4 Charity works with. If you are interested in having a cell phone drive and want to donate those proceeds to Phones 4 Charity, contact them through their website and fill out the form. They will contact you with information on how you can help give back.

Many old cell phones can be reprogrammed and given to people who are in desperately need of them. For example, women who are in battered shelters can be given emergency cell phones to contact 911 or their supporter. Their husbands or boyfriends will not be able to track their phones, making them safe and out of harm’s way until they can get back on their feet. There are many women who live in violent atmospheres, but there are many organizations out there to help, and they start with a cell phone.

When you donate your used cell phone, you are also helping out your troops. These phones are given to the men and women serving overseas to stay in contact with their friends and family. If you don't have a relative overseas, imagine the joy of a child hearing his father's voice from overseas because you were able to give up your cell phone. It's the least an American citizen can do for the soldiers serving and protecting their country overseas.

Some businesses like Best Buy, Radio Shack and Lowes have a cell phone recycling bin in their stores. The contents of the cell phone will be disposed of properly and not harm the environment. Phones 4 Charity has many recycling bins nationwide. Their proceeds benefit many Red Cross chapters. Visit their website to find a drop box location near you to donate your used cell phone. Cell phones can also be given to senior citizens who live alone or suffer from abuse. There are some organizations that take these cell phones, fix them up, sell them and donate the proceeds to organizations in need of funds for research and other services.

Your cell phone is worth more to someone else than to you. Encourage your family and friends to donate their used cell phones to help people in developing worlds and many people around you.

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  1. I beg to disagree on some part of your blog. Yes indeed, for Good Samaritan, donating old stuff to charity can be something good, but don’t you think that it’s smart to first sell the phone and donate the money instead? This is just a suggestion, what you do with the money is up to you.
    - Joanna Daniels